Our Roots

St. Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church is an Old Calendar Parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA under the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

St. Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church was first established in 1919 as St. John Ukrainian National Greek Catholic Church in Harrah, Oklahoma, by Ukrainian Pioneers. This wooden structure burned in 1923 and was rebuilt in the same location the following year.

At that time the parish was converted to Holy Orthodoxy by His Beatitude Metropolitan Ivan (Theodorovych). Since an icon of the Dormition was the only article saved from the original edifice and the new church was ready to be consecrated on The Feast of the Dormition (Julian Calendar), it was therefore dedicated to the Falling Asleep of the Birth-Giver of our Lord. That structure mysteriously burned on Memorial Day 1949.

The church was then relocated to the city of Jones in 1950, and this time was built from solid masonry. It serves the Orthodox faithful to this day. St. Mary cemetery remains at the original location of the first two churches.